The Cyber-Relief Network is a free affiliation of grassroots volunteer groups doing relief work in the wake of the Gulf Coast disasters. The only other requirement for membership other than being all volunteer grassroots groups is that all member groups have demonstrated verifiable results in delivering supplies, volunteers, and/or support services to the disaster zone and surrounding areas.

Friday, September 22, 2006


If you're a coordinator for a group that would like to join The Cyber-Relief Network, or you have questions about the network, please use the comments section of this post. Specific questions, comments, and requests for member groups may be posted to their own comment areas.

Thursday, September 22, 2005


On August 28th, 2005, several founders and members of the SEA EAT (South East Asian Earthquake And Tsunami) blog & wiki , which gained worldwide attention in the Boxing Day Tsunami of 2004, have re-mobilized on four continents (The Americas, Asia & Europe) to aid in Hurricane Katrina.
The Katrina Help Wiki & Network was initially conceived in many different people's minds at approximately the same time, worldwide. It represents a clear and direct effort at helping coordination, communication, and cooperation for rescue, recovery, and relief efforts.The Katrina Help team serves to provide up-to-the-minute information relevant to cleanup and recovery after Hurricane Katrina. For more information, click here.

The Blogger Hurricane Relief Hub

We process priority and general relief requests for supplies and volunteers, call and e-mail on behalf of emergency command centers and evacuation facilities in search of specific help, and place people where most needed. We also help to coordinate and are proud to be members of THE CYBER-RELIEF NETWORK. This is an all volunteer effort, and we accept no donations - except of your time. We always appreciate more callers and web-searchers.

North East Georgia Disaster Relief

Grass Roots Disaster Relief

Hurricane Katrina Direct Relief